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In a recent exclusive with Hia Magazine, Engineer Tareq Skaik, Head of Design at Algedra Group, shed light on the nuances of home decor and the pivotal role of interior design in shaping the ambiance of a new home.

To Eng. Skaik, a home is not merely a structural edifice. Especially for brides stepping into a new phase of life, it signifies a tapestry of dreams, aspirations, and a profound sense of belonging. Through thoughtful design, this space evolves into a tangible manifestation of one’s innermost desires and emotions.

Drawing from his extensive experience, Eng. Skaik offers pearls of wisdom to couples preparing for matrimony. He accentuates the merits of integrating interior design professionals at the outset, ensuring the fruition of a cohesive vision that seamlessly weaves together the essence of both partners. This proactive approach facilitates the birth of a shared world, fostering mutual resonance and stability.

The sanctity of the bedroom, he elaborates, cannot be understated. This intimate space demands an artisanal touch, where every nuance, from the palette's subtleties to the tactile sensation of pillows, becomes instrumental in sculpting the ambiance. With an orchestra of colors and textures at their disposal, couples might find their preferences at odds. However, in the adept hands of a seasoned designer, disparate tastes can be harmonized into a symphony of elegance and tranquility.

Eng. Skaik also advocates for maintaining color consistency throughout the home. Such uniformity not only provides visual comfort but can also evoke feelings of tranquility or invigoration. However, he cautions homeowners to ensure the chosen colors align with the primary occupant's personality to avoid creating an unsettling environment.

Personalization is a recurring theme in Skaik's narrative. He encourages incorporating personal photos or artwork, particularly in the living room, but emphasizes that these should complement the chosen furniture, especially those selected by the bride.

Furthermore, striking the right balance in terms of volume is paramount, ensuring that the overall landscape of the home décor remains undisturbed.

Eng. Skaik's insights underline the importance of a thoughtful approach to interior design. It's about curating spaces that don't just look good but feel right, shaping homes that are true reflections of their inhabitants.


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