Fujairah Interview

FUJAIRAH — Engineer Tareq Skaik recently shared his expertise on Fujairah TV. The focal point of the conversation was how a shop's interior layout can efficiently transmit a clear message from business owners to customers.

Mr. Skaik explained that shop designs nowadays serve a dual purpose. Firstly, they set the visual tone, creating a specific ambiance or feel. Secondly, and crucially, they act as silent brand ambassadors, telling a story about the brand even before a customer interacts with a product. He emphasized the term 'display strategy', suggesting that the method and order in which items are showcased play a crucial role in guiding customer choices.

He elucidated that in the modern retail environment, the design of a store is not merely an aesthetic consideration but a pivotal instrument to articulate a brand's philosophy. 'Upon entering a commercial establishment, it is the nuanced design that articulates the brand's ethos, even prior to the engagement with the product,' remarked Mr. Skaik.

But beyond just the interior, Skaik emphasized the immense importance of the surrounding environment in shaping a shop design. The locale, culture, and essence of the community all play pivotal roles. 'It's not just about what's within the four walls. The exterior, the locality, and its spirit should influence the interior,' he said.

In today's rapidly evolving retail landscape, Skaik's insights offer a fresh perspective on how shops can remain not just relevant but also meaningful to their clientele. His profound understanding of the harmonization of space, design, and cultural context underscores the future of retail environments.


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